October 9, 2018


Address updated 12-27-20


Mother Lode Weavers and Spinners Guild

P O Box 403, Columbia, CA 95310

Article I. Name

Sec.1     The name of the organization shall be Mother Lode Weavers and Spinners Guild.

Article II. Purposes

Sec.1     The purposes for which this Guild is formed are:

a.     To provide education in the handweaving and spinning arts and crafts.

b.     To promote public interest in them.

c.     To assist members in improving their proficiency and out put.

Article III. Membership

Sec.1     Anyone who shows a real interest in spinning, handweaving, or related crafts may apply for membership in the guild.

Sec.2     Those who became members of this guild between April 1, 1974 and June 30, 1974 are charter members.

Article IV. Dues

Sec.1     The membership dues shall be set annually by the Executive Board according to need.

Sec.2     The fiscal year shall be July 1 through June 30th.

Membership dues will be due on June 1 and delinquent July 1st. (Revised October 8, 1991)

Article V. Meetings

Sec.1     One regular meeting shall be scheduled each month, except July and August.

Sec.2      The Executive Board shall have the power to change the date of any meeting.

Sec.3     The President may call a general meeting at any time.

Article VI. Officers

Sec.1      The officers of the guild shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Sec.2     The President shall preside at all meetings of the Guild and the Executive Board and shall appoint the Chairpersons of the Committees.

Sec.3      The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and may serve as Program Director at the direction of the President.

Sec.4     The Secretary shall keep the records of the organization.

Sec.5     The Treasurer shall collect all monies and pay all obligations.

Article VII. Executive Board

Sec.1     The Executive Board shall consist of the four elected officers, the immediate Past President, and the chairpersons of the Standing Committees

Sec.2     The Executive Board may meet prior to the regular meeting of the Guild as necessary.

Sec.3     The Executive Board shall have the power to handle business of the Guild when $200 or less is involved.

Sec.4     Minutes of the Executive Board meetings shall be included in the Newsletter.

Article VIII. Elections

Sec. 1     In April the President shall appoint a nominating committee of three to select a slate of officers for the next year.

Sec.2     The committee shall present the slate at the May meeting at which time the election is to be held.

Sec.3      The new officers shall be seated at the start of the June meeting.

Sec.4      Vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Board.

Article IX Amendments

Sec.1     An amendment to the By Laws shall be presented at a regular meeting.

Sec.2     A copy of the By Laws shall be presented to each member as they join or upon request.

Sec.3     Those present at the next regular meeting shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote shall pass or defeat the amendment.