Studio 49 Retreat

Our 16th Retreat!!!!

October 14-16, 2022

We had a great time at our 15th Annual Retreat. We were at the beautiful Tuolumne Trails (, a family-based camp built on 80 scenic mountain acres of Sierra Nevada wilderness, seven miles east of Groveland.  It is spacious, comfortable and very inviting.

We enjoyed easy morning yoga stretches, massage, and lots of spinning.

A big thanks to "The Folsom Group" for an amazing Silent Auction - see our donation page and support those that sent in prizes. Please continue to support those vendors.

We made a Fiber Salad following the article in Ply Magazine.

There were a lot of laughs when we went through the "Melissa Fun Prize" quiz.

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You've had a lot of extra time to work on that Cashmere fiber. We look forward to seeing it!

bighillgirl at mac dot com